Personal Injury

Road traffic accident, accidents at work, clinical negligence – all compensations claims against third parties covered

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Personal Injury – No win No fee service

What is Personal Injury Law?

If you have suffered an injury due to a road traffic accident, accident at work, a slip or a trip and the accident was not your responsibility, we can make a Personal Injury claim for you against the third party who was at fault.

We are specialist solicitors obtaining compensation awards for all types of personal injury claims such as:

  •  Road traffic accidents
  •  Fatal accidents
  •  Accidents at work
  •  Loss of earnings
  •  Motorbike accidents
  •  Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

We operate on a No win No fee basis.

This means that bringing a claim is risk-free and if you lose it will not cost you anything.

Clinical Negligence is also included in this field of expertise and this is where there is a breach of the duty of care that a medical expert has towards their patients and as result of that breach, it can be shown that this has resulted in additional injury.

Examples of some of the work we undertake in this area include:

• Misdiagnosis               • Birth complications
• Delay in treatment      • Treatment errors

RJT Solicitors offer a free initial consultation with a Personal Injury solicitor. If you decide to go ahead with a claim, you may do so on a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, which means that you will not have to pay any legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful.

We submit claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority where you are injured, it was not your fault and the person who injures you has no insurance.

Help with ongoing care

Here at RJT Solicitors, we understand that compensation is only half the story, the other half is the access to the appropriate medical care, support for you and your family and rehabilitation to ensure that you are back to living the life you had before the injury.

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