Pension orders explained

If you get divorced or dissolve a civil partnership, your pension assets should be taken into account as part of any financial settlement. Pensions should not be ignored as they are often the most significant asset after a house. The courts are able deal with pension arrangements in one of 3 ways:- Pension Sharing order:-…

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Proposals for reform to weddings law

The Law Commission has launched a consultation on provisional proposals to reform the law governing how and where couples can get married. The consultation period will run until 3 December 2020. The provisional proposals for reform are: • to allow weddings to take place outdoors, for example on beaches, in parks, in private gardens and…

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Face coverings in Court and beyond

From Monday 27 July, HM Courts and Tribunal Services is asking all court and tribunal users to wear a face covering in the public areas of its buildings in England. Court rooms will continue to be covered by the current government guidance, which states that court users may wear face coverings whilst in the court room.…

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What is an Infant Approval Hearing?

An infant approval hearing is sometimes referred to as a Damages Approval Hearing and takes place after settlement has been reached in respect of a child’s damages (compensation) following a personal injury claim. Unlike in an adult’s personal injury compensation claim, it is not enough for the Claimant to simply accept a settlement amount and…

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Child contact as England emerges from lockdown

From 1st June 2020 lockdown in England has been eased considerably with many children returning to schools and families and friends allowed to meet in groups of up to six provided that they observe social distancing rules when outside. There was much confusion at the start of lockdown back in March, when government ministers appeared…

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